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'Why don't you try and sell some of your work'. This is the cry from my husband (himself) a year and a half ago after trying to find space in the house for some new crafts I had made. So here I am!

Hugely excited, absolutely terrified and a bit hopeful.

Like many a crafter, I have been a craft obsessive from infancy. As my Ma always said, 'give em pen and paper or scraps of fabric. You don't need expensive toys.' From then on I've been delving into any craft I can get my grubby hands on. Fast forward to now and after working as a cook, an academic and a cleaner I have found myself taking time out from the world for a few years. In that time I have been turning my old study into a full time craft space.

What this crafting timeout has shown me is that everything I make, I make with a smile; I enjoy it, I love it, it's fun. I don't stick to one craft either. I love to mosaic, sew, upcycle, make stained glass (tiffany style) or anything that catches my imagination. This is how to live your life happy!

So now I am here making crafts  with a smile. I won't be making many of any one thing as a life well lived for me is about colourful imagination and expressing it in new and fun ways and this, I hope, will show in what I make for you.

There'll also be cats!

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Handmade crafts made with a


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